Toyrianna Smith Hates Kids, Loves Deals

Toyrianna Smith, 20, had a great day shopping last Thursday. The night before she had drinks with friends at a Harvey,IL home and then spent the night with her 3-month old baby in the guest room. Thursday morning Smith woke up, dressed her baby, put him in a stroller and went shopping.

There was only one small little problem: The baby was dead.

Bad Mom, Great Bargain Hunter

Apparently Smith was having such a good time drinking with her pals Wednesday night that she was in no mood to deal with her crying infant. So she beat and suffocated Ken Blackman Jr. before falling asleep. That is one sure-fire way to shut a kid up.

Smith’s day of good fortune came to an end when she stopped at a neighbor’s home after going shopping with her deceased child in tow. The neighbor noticed the baby wasn’t breathing and saw blood on the blanket. The neighbor called 911 who brought the baby to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, prosecutors allege. According to authorities, the baby was dead for eight to 14 hours.

Smith doesn’t regret the hours of quality shopping she experienced pushing around the dead weight in the stroller.

“The deals I got on tops and shoes were unbelievable,” Smith said about the day spent shopping with her dead baby. ” It was like I picked the best day ever to go shopping. I saved so much money!”

And what about your dead baby you were pushing around while saving on great deals?

“He was so good and quiet. He let momma shop and didn’t fuss,” Smith said. “I never loved him as much as I did that day. Say what you will, but dead babies are so much easier to deal with.”

Smith is charged with first-degree murder.



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1,369 thoughts on “Toyrianna Smith Hates Kids, Loves Deals

  1. Kelli Anne Shuler says:

    How sad is it that the color of her skin is even a topic. There is an epidemic out there with mothers who kill their babies in brutal ways. Why is this happening? These mothers come is all colors, backgrounds and places. I wish that ignorant people would do productive things like help find out what’s wrong with these ladies, instead of pulling a race card. I hope that baby felt no pain. I hope that mother gets everything she deserves and then som

  2. dkizzl says:

    Somebody need to kill her ass and make her suffer smh

  3. kamilah says:

    I hope she stays n prison 4 life!

  4. Ron Blankinship says:

    She’s going to jail and when she gets there they’re gonna FUCK HER UP!!!!!

  5. Sexylightskin says:

    I hate to hear shit like that cuz ppl in this world will love to have a child even the ppl that cant have kids it just get under my skin I wnt to beat ur ass for that

  6. Farris Adams says:


  7. 3babydux says:

    Did she seriously make those comments?! I can believe the story because unfortunately you hear that kind of sick stuff every day it seems. But her quotes?? Either it’s embellished, a twisted joke, she’s truly crazy or she thinks she’s smart & attempting to lay the groundwork for the over-used insanity defense. I haven’t Googled this yet so who knows…

  8. Erachi says:

    Truth is, we don’t know what really happen…all we know us that she was caught with her child dead and justice will be served. And as far as the racial comments, people will always have something crazy or negative to say about everyone and everything….don’t let thus ignorance bother you people

  9. irisa says:

    She should have just gave her rights up its to many women that cant have kids and would have been happy to give that baby a happy home

  10. b says:

    With all the sickos in the world today. I dont doubt it but this story sounds. Very made up or alot added to it. But again who knows. Alot of sickos out there

  11. Rebecca Day says:

    Sad I can’t c how someone could do that2 tthere children I have 3 and I’m 25 fuck a party

    • Ilovepartyingfool says:

      3 kids @ 25? Is 1 15? You like having a good time just like everyone else.

      • Aubry says:

        Are you retarded? It takes 9 months to make a baby. She could have started at 22, and not everybody enjoys partying, especially when they have innocents relying on them.

      • Seriously? I’m 25 as well and have 3 kids. I have twin 4yr olds and a 2 yr old. I take offense to this comment. I work full time and when I’m not working I am at home playing with and taking care of my children. Can’t tell you the last time I went out partying. Maybe think a bit before you comment. . .

      • Dreadqueen33 says:

        The story is not about her it’s about this girl and her baby.

  12. chris says:

    Of course…… it just had to be a…. Especially….with all the racism that is in the world. We all gona die one day…. just how…and we all going to have to meet God, to explain our actions in life. He is the one and only master of all of us… but the devil is real also… just prey

  13. CubanFlowers says:

    when there is a clear case of some kind of mental illness… mental snap…breakdown.. LOSS OF REALITY…. state of denial!…

    mothrphuckers don’t want to label it as such….

    but let some pink male ages 8 to 70 years….

    go out there and shoot up a school…. government building…. church…. movie theater.. shopping center..

    and every soul screams MENTAL ILLNESS!…..

    be blessed….

  14. Bryan says:

    Or we can just say that this dirty nigger is disgusting and needs to die? thats much better than this forgiveness crap.

  15. Shara Johnson says:

    I’m speechless I just can’t believe what she said. I have two kids that I love with all my heart and soul and everyday is a blessing to be with my kids, take them places, and provide for them. Just spending time with them is priceless.

  16. Maria says:

    That is so sick bury that bitch alive you can’t judge on some bitch like that May that bitch burn in hell ,fuck all that feeling sorry for her how about that poor little baby .

  17. kristen says:

    this story is so sad , you can only feel comfort for this Angel, knowing he is with his Holy Father Now

  18. Trina Alix says:

    theres no way she said that


  20. colin says:

    sometimes I feel like I want to kill my kids, then they bump their head and I freak out. I feel bad for this chick and the way she was raised. She probably doesn’t put a lot of value on her own life. It’s a tricky business, the circle of life and learning

    • kila says:

      You felt an emotion that she actually reacted on. Not too many people can be honest and admit that they have had thoughts that they know they should not have. Some people may say that you should never ever even entertain the thought of wanting to kill your own child. I have also had that thought and it sickens me to my stomach but life has its own way of bringing you down. Have you ever been tired, depressed, empty? Have you ever felt like a failure? Have you ever wanted to give back the hand you were dealt? What do you do when you feel like you know nothing else to do.(pray) What do you do when you feel like you have no one? We don’t always get what we want and some people handle that upset differently than others. How can you love someone else when you do not even love yourself. Not every woman chooses motherhood and not every woman will succeed at it. Why is it that one woman after being raped by a stranger can raise a child with love when the other mother hates that child and can only see bad with that child when the other mother sees a blessing.

      • sarah says:

        you bitches r sick

        • kila says:

          As I said the thought makes me sick to my stomach because thoughts can turn into actions. I try to never say never because you never know what life will bring. I love my kids more than my own life. What makes a person think bad thoughts and commit crimes. What makes a grown man be attracted to kids no matter how hard he tries not to. What makes someone kill another person. I have been so depressed where I didnt value my own life but I knew them thoughts were not normal and I refuse to let life get the best of me. Maybe you have never had the thought of doing something wrong and thats good but we are all different. So many people commit crimes and try to cover them up because they do not want to be judged by others or they feel like they have noone else to turn to. We do not encourage each other enough, we turn our backs on each other and no matter how heinous the crime may be we are all human. There is just no one way to look at a situation. We are all technically sick because we are all dying some sooner than others are before there time. The world is sick not just certain individuals. People are confused and lost and doing what they think is best which may differ from what someone else thinks is best. We are quicker to hurt someone than help them. We want to be stars and make headlines are do something to make our life seem valuable. We as a people can be cruel and it is sad.

        • Cheri says:

          True that!!!! Fucking sick!!!!

      • sha says:

        Well Put! my thoughts Exactly!

  21. Victoria Townsend says:

    Well, there are soo many things ggong through my mind after reading this… many things I COULD say. While I believe she is the spawn of Satan, and she’s downright SICK and pathetic as an excuse for not only a “mother” but as a human being. She is a complete and total WASTE of human flesh and bones. Lady, you disgust me, you are trash and the scum of the world… you serve absolutely NO PURPOSE. You just better realize, that God Himself…… WILL punish you for this unbelievable nightmare that YOU cause all by yourself. As for your “friends” how in the world did SOMEONE not know you did that to that poor Angel??? There are sooo many other LEGAL ways to consider if you CHOOSE not to take proper care of your own creation…. Take your baby to a hospital, fire or police department, or surely… you have a family member willing to love and nurture that poor child. Where’s the child’s father??? How on God’s green Earth, could you EVER even think about harming any child like this, especially your very own??? I wish I could see you face to face, and tell you just how sorry and filthy you truly are…. and then I would LOVE to spit in your face. God will punish you far, farrrr worse than you or I could even imagine for such cruelty. You deserve nothing but to burn in Hell, for ALL of eternity. Excuse my language, but you are a piece of shit cunt. You should be fixed, while completely awake and aware and not get the first thing for pain…

    • Joey Rabon says:

      It’s funny that you mention God judging her when you, yourself, are judging her when it states in the bible “Thou shalt not judge”. Love your neighbor no matter what they do for they are human and know not what they do. This person is a mentally ill human being. I am NOT by any means justifying her actions that are both disturbing and disgusting, but what I AM trying to say is you shouldn’t judge her because you don’t know the course of events that led up to this tragic and horrifying event. Basically, what I’m trying to say is: Don’t judge others. That is God’s job and his alone. Just be careful with what you say when you throw God in the mix. It give Christians a bad name when people do this (my self included but I try so very hard not to do this). God bless you and may God show this human being the error of her ways for the actions that she has taken.

      • Amber Thomas says:

        Obviously you don’t know the Bible… Deuteronomy 25:1 says, “If there be a controversy between men, and they come unto judgment, that the judges may judge them; then they shall justify the righteous, and condemn the wicked.” He gave the power to judge to men while on earth. Read the Bible because nowhere does it say “Thou shalt not judge.”

        • Eyakeno Ekpo says:

          Thank you for correcting my friend Joey, Amber. Yes, God did give man the power to judge but specifically gave the power to the JUDGES, not just anyone. So, unless you are a judge in the old testament or you went to law school to become a judge, you really don’t have that right to justify or condemn anyone.

          • Except it says “Judge not, lest ye be judged”, or to state that you will be judged as harshly as you have judged others. It’s a passage about hypocrisy and judging someone for the same sins that you yourself are committing, or worse.

            Matthew 7:1-5 “1 Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

            So don’t look down on someone who smokes when you drink 8 cups of coffee and binge drink on the weekends because you’re just as bad, if not worse, than the person you are judging.

            However, since I would hope nobody in the comments section here has beaten their infant to death then taken the corpse shopping, this passage probably doesn’t apply to them. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t still “love thy neighbor though”

          • She is expressing her feeling so let her, who care what the bible says. The baby is dead and she should be punished for what she did. People can vent this is a free country. Stop bringing up the bible, Now go ahead and judge me if you want.

      • jossee says:

        Are you kidding me ? She beat her child to death and didn’t care !

    • Phyllis says:

      And what gives you the right to judge… potty mouth. so full of your own self. I would hate to see you raise children.

  22. it takes a sick person to do something like that!! that baby did not ask to be here!!! if you don’t want babies then keep your legs closed are take pills!!!! them babies should not have to suffer for your stupid people like that.

  23. sherri says:

    I think that if you don’t wan’t a child than give it to someone that is wants kids that can not have them on there and will be a loving mother to that child the child did not ask to come here if she was going out to have a good time and did not feel not being bothered with the child why she did not let a family member take the child overnight how can one be so mean and take a child’s life that is so precious at 3 mos what was so bad about that child maybe the jail needs to do the same thing to her that she did to her baby I pray that the child R.I.P.
    so sad how do you get up every morning that you killed your child just so you can have a good night in the streets wow

  24. joemac says:

    all this talk of life in prison Is bullshit! Kill that fucking evil Bitch and let it be so sick and tired of my taxdollars going towards housing,bathing and feeding these useless good for nothing but evil pieces of shit.I’ll pull the trigger! No problem.

  25. anna says:

    To bad she won’t be able to wear none of those great bargins she bought. She needs to be in prison the rest of her life. She should get life in prison for just being STUPID

  26. Janice says:

    I hope she loves the color orange along with the deck shoes that compliment the outfit she will rot in them

  27. Shayana says:

    She has serious issues and should be facing life. I wonder how long she would have kept walking around with that baby. She a monster

  28. Tony Haughton says:

    Motherhood is a status that many women aspire to but she only aspire to having a good time, a baby is just by the way. She is sick and should be put away before other innocent souls come along and meet a similar fate.

    • sherri says:

      I agree that is why if you don’t want to have children or you hate children why have them she will pay for what she did maybe they need to kill her like she did that sweet innocent baby that did not ask to come here R.I.P. baby

  29. Syretta says:

    Clearly, this woman has mental problems.

  30. Genivieve says:

    How do you got 8 + hours with out noticing your child is dead?! You can tell by her actions that she didn’t feed or bathe her child that how many days had went by that she actually did behave like a mother? Her remarks about getting good deals make me sick to my stomach…BITCH your baby is DEAD!

    • Genivieve says:

      Also, another article about this incident claims she had her son in a Baby Bjorn baby carrier strapped to her chest

  31. al says:

    As horrible as it sounds, I speak from experience. If I were that baby I would be glad not to be alive. That child would have to spend what, 16 years with that monster. The kid will either turn out the same or be traumatized forever. What society doesn’t help, it will pay for.

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