Toyrianna Smith Hates Kids, Loves Deals

Toyrianna Smith, 20, had a great day shopping last Thursday. The night before she had drinks with friends at a Harvey,IL home and then spent the night with her 3-month old baby in the guest room. Thursday morning Smith woke up, dressed her baby, put him in a stroller and went shopping.

There was only one small little problem: The baby was dead.

Bad Mom, Great Bargain Hunter

Apparently Smith was having such a good time drinking with her pals Wednesday night that she was in no mood to deal with her crying infant. So she beat and suffocated Ken Blackman Jr. before falling asleep. That is one sure-fire way to shut a kid up.

Smith’s day of good fortune came to an end when she stopped at a neighbor’s home after going shopping with her deceased child in tow. The neighbor noticed the baby wasn’t breathing and saw blood on the blanket. The neighbor called 911 who brought the baby to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, prosecutors allege. According to authorities, the baby was dead for eight to 14 hours.

Smith doesn’t regret the hours of quality shopping she experienced pushing around the dead weight in the stroller.

“The deals I got on tops and shoes were unbelievable,” Smith said about the day spent shopping with her dead baby. ” It was like I picked the best day ever to go shopping. I saved so much money!”

And what about your dead baby you were pushing around while saving on great deals?

“He was so good and quiet. He let momma shop and didn’t fuss,” Smith said. “I never loved him as much as I did that day. Say what you will, but dead babies are so much easier to deal with.”

Smith is charged with first-degree murder.



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